Born on April 21, 1890 in Nottingham, Georges, is the second son of William Edouard Brough, a motorcycle builder. In 1920, he decided to follow his own path and then manufactured the most luxurious, powerful motorcycles, in a word "Superior" motorcycles.

Technological jewelry, assembled in white gloves! Once to check that all parts assemble well before painting and chrome, once for final assembly with continuous tests to ensure that the promised speed will be maintained (SS80, 80 mph; SS100, 100 mph).

Production stopped in 1935 and did not restart after the war due to a lack of sufficiently high-quality parts. 3048 motorcycles have been produced in 21 years, including 300 SS100.

Thierry Henriette, from Boxer Design, Toulouse, is reviving this mythical bike in 2013 and all are proving themselves worthy of this heritage.

George Brough