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The torch has been passed from George Brough to our team of modern day motor artists. Our dedicated team members are the ones who attentively ensure that the spirit of Brough Superior continues to thrive and evolve. From our CEO’s office to the floors of our warehouse, attention and care are given to every step. We’re here to listen and we’d love for you to get to know our incredible team!

Thierry Henriette

Thierry Henriette

From the age of 14, Thierry Henriette was put in the saddle by his father. He was riding one night when he first experienced the feeling of total freedom that only the motorbike can provide. Since then, he has continued to be passionate about this bizarre device that cannot even stand on its own yet has the power to whisk you away at speeds you’ve never known.

This passion has turned into a profession and a livelihood. Thierry started as an apprentice at a BMW dealership, then became an agent for a Japanese motor brand. In collaboration with his father Robert and brother Philippe, Thierry set up his first business before becoming a dealer for various Japanese and European brands.

After years of experience in the trade, Albert Castaigne and Thierry created Boxer Design. For fifteen years, this design and engineering firm has allowed them to bring together a great deal of experience and know-how with the largest motorcycle manufacturers. Then, one day, Thierry reached the goal he had never dared to admit to himself: becoming a motorcycle manufacturer using an engine of his own design.

The takeover and rebirth of Brough Superior allowed Thierry and his team to create a range of unique, consistent, and efficient motorcycles. The new Brough Superior designs are a beautiful tribute to this prestigious brand with such a rich history. This extraordinary adventure, which would have delighted any entrepreneur, has rebounded completely unexpectedly.

Management, secretariat and sales

It is the people who manage the administrative side that manage the continuation of the Brough spirit. These are also the team members you’ll meet and who will help you directly select and personalize the Brough bike of your dreams. Attentive and caring, they are the pillars of customer relations. They greet you with a smile and are there to listen to you. Listening is one of the most important aspects of the relationship we want to build with you at Brough Superior because you are entitled to the best. We are there as long as you need us, before, during and after the purchase of your motorcycle.


Boilermaker, welder and polisher

From dream to reality. There are several steps after the diagrams and drawings are made. Manufacture can start.

At Brough, everything is handmade, so our boilermakers, welders, and polishers are absolutely vital to our operations. It is in their careful hands that our bikes’ precious, innovative parts are prepped for implementation.

The boilermaker who traces, cuts, folds and assembles various elements before placing them in the welder's hands. The latter is in charge of definitively assembling the prepared parts. To do this, he meticulously degreases and cleans them. Once this part is finished, he gives the welded parts to the polisher. A master of the pristine, he is the high point of the beginning of the adventure in the construction of a Brough, the guarantor of the quality of the visible and invisible parts of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle assembly, mechanic, motorist

These are the magicians of assembly and technology. The craftsmanship at Brough Superior is key to every phase from design to production. We accept nothing less than the finest craftsman in the industry with the highest level of know-how.

This is where the heart, passion, and speed are built into your bike. Quality is guaranteed and signed off on, each part of your Brough Superior proudly displays the signature of the person who made them.


Designer, engineer

Engineers provide designers with seedling ideas, within them are the blueprints for a successful, fully-fledged design.

Within the designer’s mind ideas germinate, and under his fingers, they flower and come to life in the form of breathtaking drawings both freehand and 3D. Our engineers then translate them into a physical design; a bike that is an extension of yourself.

The designer and engineer are complementary and together imagine the dreams and beauties of future models.

Production manager, warehouse manager and quality control agent

The production and warehouse managers are the final quality check and underwriters of all the products we manufacture. There is no excellent production without the right amount of quality, raw material, at the right time, at the right cost. Not only are our bikes handcrafted, but so is our know-how. Because of this experience, materials used are beautiful and of the highest technological quality. Only the best production and warehouse managers can assure their care.

Respecting materials means respecting the final product and Brough Superior's customers.

It is to guarantee that all our talent, our love of the brand and our commitment are at the service of your satisfaction. All Brough Superior's motorcycles are jewels of perfection.


Bodyworkman, painter

Our adventure continues, once the parts have been prepared, the framework must be built. This is where the body workman comes in. He is the artist in charge of painting on the final look onto the Brough motorcycle you have chosen, the one who shapes your dream and gives it color. Beneath his brush, your tip to tail customized Brough Superior masterpiece is formed.