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The Brough Superior is a British cult classic revived under the meticulous hands of French Craftsmen. Established in 1919 by renowned motorman George Brough, Brough Superior immediately lived up to the self-starter spirit of its Nottingham birthplace. Ridden by history’s most legendary adventurers, Brough’s motorcycles quickly rose to legendary fame thanks to the unmatched quality and technicality of their design. With no choice but to halt production amidst the turmoil of World War II Brough Superior closed its hallowed doors for almost 100 years. In its absence Brough Superior gained a mythic reputation that lived in the whispers of motorcycle’s biggest fanatics.

That is until 2013 when Thierry Henriette, a highly respected motorcycle designer of our modern times, relaunched the luxury house with George Brough’s high standards and his own technological innovations. Today, Brough Superior is reinventing tradition and redefining the union of speed and luxury for modern adventurers.

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