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Extremely Limited Release: Meet the Bert le Vack Bike

The vintage record smasher has been redesigned for the 21st century and is the star of this extremely limited, 9 piece roll out. The limited edition Bert le Vack celebrates the new SS100 and is named after one of the greatest racers of his day.  

George Brough designed the original SS100 after Bert le Vack’s speedy racer that had just broken nine world speed records. Equipped with a 980cc JAP KTOR engine producing 45 hp, the S.S.100 topped 100 mph (just over 160 km / h), which was ridiculously fast for the roads of the time! 

Limited to 9 copies like the 9 world records obtained by le Vack with the original SS100, the Bert le Vack is finished with a titanium gray paint with numbered logo integrated on the top of the tank. Finally, this motorcycle is exclusively equipped with titanium tank straps, and a set of Slash Cut sport exhausts.