The Brough Superior brand has always fascinated motorcycle enthusiasts. Its short and dense history over 21 years, the circumstances of its disappearance, the rarity of its motorcycles, their high price and their careful manufacture, have contributed to make this name a myth.

Georges Brough had genius when he has imagined the concept of ultra-luxurious motorcycles. Had he imagined that the eve of the Second World War would not sound the death of his brand, and that it would stand again on its pedestal, reborn, and more beautiful than ever, some 90 years later by the will of enthusiasts?

Disappeared in 1970, no doubt Georges Brough would have been proud to see that. 

The legendary SS100s, once driven by Lawrence of Arabia and George Bernard Shaw, are now revered by such great names as Jay Leno.

Beautiful things don't disappear, great names never die. BS is once again the largest motorcycle brand in the world.