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The Core Team

The people behind the scene

  • Thierry Henriette

    Owner Brough Superior Motorcycles SAS

    Thierry is well known in the motorcycle world as a unique, supremely talented designer. He started to design and develop his own motorcycles in 1984 and since then hasn’t looked back. He has created many models for well known, international motorcycle companies. He believes Brough Superiors are the best motorcycles ever and is the man in charge at the Brough Superior works.

  • Albert Castaigne

    Executive Director

    Albert Castaigne is the Executive Director at Brough Superior Motorcycles and Thierry’s right hand man. He is in charge of running the company on a daily basis including administration, finance, customer service and marketing, but he is also involved in most decision making and deals with many outside contractors and partners, on the technical and sales side. He is a classic bike enthusiast and has an inexhaustible knowledge of the SS100. Albert is the man to answer your questions; he speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian.

  • Linda Rano

    Assistant to Executive Director

    Linda helps Albert with customer liaison, sales and marketing aspects of his work. She comes from near Nottingham, England - Brough Superior country! 

  • Remy Lavernhe

    Head Designer

    Remy designs Brough Superior’s motorcycles, the finished product, taking into account the information provided by other members of the design team. He also designs the company’s marketing materials plus the accessories which you will be able to buy in the shop.

  • Laurent Julié

    Lead Engineer

    Laurent oversees projects from initial concept through to final product including system and components design and production. He leads and advises those in the design office and workshop, manages schedules and liaises with sub-contractors. 

  • Matthieu Hospital

    Mechanical Design Engineer

    Matthieu is responsible for the conception, measurement and structure of mechanical systems. His remit encompasses all parts of the motorcycle.

  • Leo Aresten



  • Michel Crespo

    Industrial Director

    Michel is responsible for putting into place and maintaining all industrial processes for creating Brough Superior’s motorcycles. He plans and oversees workshop employees, techniques employed, tooling and equipment, quality control and technical aspects of after- sales service.

  • Benjamin De Villiers

    Quality Control Manager

    Benjamin is in charge of checking all parts and processes, ensuring that optimum quality is maintained throughout and we provide the very best for Brough Superior customers.

  • Rene Madelpuech

    Workshop Manager, Assembly

    Rene leads the team assembling the motorcycles.

  • Eric Peres


    Eric is in charge of building certain parts for Brough Superior motorcycles, such as the frames.

  • Laurent Poudret


    Laurent assembles the motorcycles, he brings them to life.

  • Frederic Baldet


    Frederic also assembles the motorcycles, he works alongside Laurent.