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George Brough’s Legacy

In 1919 motorcycle engineer, racer and entrepreneur George Brough launched Brough Superior Motorcycles in Nottingham, England. For the next 20 years Brough created crowd-stopping, beautiful machines for the most demanding of riders.
Brough Superior was renowned for delivering a level of performance, quality of manufacture and rideability that its rivals could never aspire even to equal. For once, a much-vaunted product surely lived up to its billing, combining superlative workmanship with breathtaking performance for the era, and functional elegance with practical engineering. These were bikes that demanded to be admired, but also to be ridden - hard: the first true Superbikes in motorcycle history.

The first Brough Superior was put on sale to the public in 1921, and the new marque swiftly built an incredible reputation for itself, based on a formidable combination of unrivalled performance, dazzling looks and competition wins.

From the start Brough Superior was extraordinarily successful in competition (George Brough rode himself), excelling in every kind of race, sprint, trial and hill climb, on tarmac, sand, shale and even ice. Brough Superior motorcycles where sold in every continent of the world.

All this success - heavily promoted by George Brough who had a ready flair for publicity and marketing - was reflected in healthy sales of Brough Superior road bikes. In 1923 H D Teague, a tester for The Motor Cycle, coined a phrase which was to become the basis for Brough Superior’s marketing, he called it ‘The Rolls Royce of Motor Cycles’. The story goes that a representative from Rolls Royce visited the works in Nottingham, saw the workers wearing white gloves as they assembled motorcycles, and left satisfied that his company’s name was in good hands. 

Seventy five years after George stopped making motorcycles the new team at Brough Superior has created an extraordinary modern version of the SS100. We have retained all that is best of the original, including of course the iconic saddle tank. We are even racing and have had some spectacular results.

George Brough bequeathed to the world the fastest, most remarkable motorcycles of their day. We are proud to recreate his machines and make the Brough Superior name live again. We are working hard to live up to his legacy.