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Brough Superior at Bonneville: Return to the Salt

 ‘Beauty, elegance and speed’ were the words used by George Brough himself to describe his motorcycles in the 1920s and 1930s. These words are as relevant to Brough Superior motorcycles today as then. Since 2011 we have been celebrating ‘speed’ and winning records at the Bonneville salt flats. Today we hold 7 records at Bonneville, two of which are FIM World Records.


From first acquiring the rights to the Brough Superior name in 2008 Mark Uphamhas taken up where George Brough left off. Competing for Bonneville Records comes naturally.

In 2011 we built a Brough Superior to compete in the 1350 AGV Class. It had a rigid rear end, Castle Forks, Jap Engine, and of course an emblematic Brough Superior petrol tank. With Jay Leno’s support and the use of the Big Dog Garage, the project was completed in time. We didn’t expect to win our first time at Bonneville but after the first run we found ourselves 2 miles under the existing AMA record… the last run pushed the record up to 124.98 mph.

We built a second bike and went back to Bonneville in 2013 for the 750 class. This time the bike was ridden by Alan Cathcart and Brough Superior claimed the 750 FIM record for Kilometer and Mile and an AMA record. Our second rider, film producer and TV presenter Henry Cole, claimed another AMA record.

The motorcycle we had taken out in 2011 was completely rebuilt and stream lined. It was ridden by Eric Patterson and Brough Superior was able to claim another 2 AMA records in the 1350 classes.

We will be going back to Bonneville in 2017 with a brand new motorcycle. So watch this space for more record-breaking news.