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The man behind the new Brough Superior motorcycles

Motorcycle enthusiast, Thierry Henriette, first experienced motorcycles as a child, riding a Norton Dominator one night with his father. At the age of 23, he began his motorcycle career as an apprentice at a BMW and Kawasaki workshop.

In 1978, he participated in the launch of a family company “Boxer Bikes” in which he later became manager. He started to design his own motorcycles in 1984, producing limited editions such as the Boxer Vector and Sensor, Lamborghini. Innovative and visionary, his creations were hailed in the motorcycle community which has allowed him to focus on motorcycle design and development as a main activity since 1999.

- In 2001 Thierry Henriette made the VB1, developed, homologated and produced by Boxer Motors SA.
- In 2002 he was commissioned by Aprilia to design and build the Blue Marlin concept.
- From 2003 to 2010 he was commissioned by Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, to design and produce limited edition motorcycles.
- In 2011, he collaborated with the designer Philippe Stark on the Kawasaki W800 project.
- In 2012 and 2013, he was commissioned by BMW to develop 5 prototypes.

During his 35 year career, Thierry Henriette has created many motorcycles and acquired enormous experience; he has decided to put his know-how and skills into the rebirth of Brough Superior.

He is a classic bikes enthusiast and adores the SS100. It has always been his favourite motorcycle and it continues to impassion him today.
  “Once a Brough superior rider - always a Brough superior rider” (Mr.L.T. Eyles, 1929).