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The custodian of the brand

Mark Upham has been involved in motorcycles for 40 years. He bought his first English motorcycle, a Triumph TR25, when he was 16.  He opened his first motorcycle shop when he was 19, from which he started building Cafe Racers, custom motorcycles and restoring English motorcycles.  Mark purchased his first Brough Superior, a 680, which was in bits, in 1977.  He owns several Brough Superiors and has done so for many years.

 In 1996 Mark Upham moved to Austria and started a new venture – British Only Austria, which he has successfully built up to become a major supplier of vintage British motorcycles and motorcycle spare parts worldwide.

 Whilst visiting America in 2007 Mark was introduced to the idea of buying Brough Superior Engineering Limited, a company that was set up by George Brough. Since acquiring the company in 2008 he has had the dream of bringing Brough Superior motorcycles back into production.

 Mark travelled Europe, looking for the opportunity to make his dream reality.  The dream came to life when Alan Cathcart introduced Mark to Thierry Henriette.

At the first meeting in July 2013 it was obvious within minutes that Mark had found his key partner in Thierry, his factories and his team. Thierry shared his feelings for Brough Superior motorcycles.  Since then, a fantastic collaboration has developed, with ideas exchanged on a daily basis.
Now a new collaboration is being planned – the launch of the ``Brough Superior Life Style`` product line.